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3D & VFX Animation 3D Animation / Video Games Game Art course (Year 5)

3D Animation / Video Games Game Art course (Year 5)

  • Available from now in Grenoble, Lyon
  • Coming soon at Aix-en-Provence Annecy, Bordeaux, Caen, Lille, Montpellier, Nantes, Paris, Rennes, Strasbourg, Toulouse and Tours
  • Delivered face to face
  • Professional certification in 3D design, production and animation, level 7 (equivalent to 5 years’ higher education)

Immersion Days and Discovery Workshops

Young people interested in our training can come and spend a day of immersion or take part in a discovery workshop, unique moments of discovery in contact with the students. This is an opportunity for them to get an idea of their future. They can discuss with the students, their professors and visit the establishment in privileged conditions. The campus prepares a suitable course for them to attend courses corresponding to their training project.

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Come and discover the BRASSART school during our Open Days!

The opportunity to visit our premises, discover how the school works, the graphic design and digital creation professions in which you will be trained, as well as meet our students and our teams!



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The 5th year of 3D Animation / Video Games Game Art Program

Whether series, cinema or video games, current productions require future professionals to have a level of specialization that will allow them to meet increasingly high quality requirements. This 5th year of 3D Animation / Game Art video games program allows students to have higher training in 3D to improve and deepen their knowledge. This year of 3D animation training is notably devoted to the pre-production and production of an animated film or a final video game.



Hold a level IV title or diploma and strong artistic and graphic prerequisites; in addition, entry tests will assess the creative and artistic level. A suitable individual interview will be conducted, allowing the candidate to discuss and explain their motivations and their professional project.

Terms of access and duration of studies

Teaching methods used

Operational objectives/skills targeted by certification

Assessment modality

Individual oral and written, continuous assessment, and evaluation during the project phases.

Certification procedure

The award of the « Expert in 3D design, production and animation » Level 7 (equivalent to Bac+5) is conditional on validation of all the skill blocks.

RNCP title  « Expert in 3D design, production and animation »  Level 7 (equivalent to Bac+5) awarded by Brassart - professional certification registered with the RNCP by decision of France Compétences on 15/09/2021 (RNCP 35879).

A validated block of skills is acquired over a period of 5 years.

Results indicator(s)

Rate of attendance at certification tests: 100% Success rate for certification (class of 2023): 100% Overall integration rate at 12 months (all jobs): 92% Integration rate into the profession covered by the certification at 12 months: 81%.


School starts in September 2024.


Dedicated learning spaces are available on the training site. However, the trainee must be equipped with a personal computer, webcam and Internet connection at home.

Brassart-Delcourt Academy school accessibility

You may be wondering about the possibility of following our training courses. Contact us, so that we can inform you and guide you as best as possible:

The plus of the training
The end-of-studies project

During their 5th year of the program in 3D Animation / Game Art video games, students work on the production of an end-of-study project (animated film or video game). Beyond putting their learning into practice, carrying out this project allows them to work on the entire production pipeline and understand project management within studios. Students are supported throughout their 5th year thanks to personalized mentoring.




  • Management of production of a film, video game or any other 3D image production (video clip, virtual tour, advertising, etc.)
  • Technological issues and cost calculation
  • Immersive image
  • International culture


  • Production monitoring
  • Professional development: CV and demo reel
  • Implementation of hybrid technologies (real-time / precalculated)
  • Conferences and masterclasses


  • Visual development 3D
  • Animation & rigging
  • VFX & compositing

Professional experience

  • 2 to 6 months internship in 4th and 5th year

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