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3D & VFX Animation 3D Animation / Video Games Game Art course (Years 2 to 4)

3D Animation / Video Games Game Art course
(Years 2 to 4)

  • Available in Aix-en-Provence, Annecy, Bordeaux, Caen, Grenoble, Lille, Lyon, Montpellier, Nantes, Paris, Rennes, Strasbourg, Toulouse, Tours
  • Delivered face to face
  • “3D animation VFX video game designer” level 6 (Bac +3/4 equivalent)
  • 3D Animation / Video Games Game Art training in 5 years (including one year of preparatory class in applied arts) - 300 ECTS validated

Come and discover the BRASSART school during our Open Days!

The opportunity to visit our premises, discover how the school works, the graphic design and digital creation professions in which you will be trained, as well as meet our students and our teams!


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Immersion Days and Discovery Workshops

Young people interested in our training can come and spend a day of immersion or take part in a discovery workshop, unique moments of discovery in contact with the students. This is an opportunity for them to get an idea of their future. They can discuss with the students, their professors and visit the establishment in privileged conditions. The campus prepares a suitable course for them to attend courses corresponding to their training project.

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3D Animation / Game Art video games training (Years 2 to 4)

The challenge of our 3D animation training is to train students in professions related to the field of 3D for animated films, advertising, multimedia, architecture and video games. This training allows, in addition to general lessons and 3D techniques, to acquire specific skills in 3D Animation & Rigging, in VFX & Compositing or in 3D modeling and texture.

This 3D & VFX Animation course allows you to master technical, creative and cultural fundamentals. It is punctuated by individual and team work, masterclasses as well as educational experiences promoting international openness: studio visits, trips to festivals.

This 3D Animation VFX & Video Games / Game Art training has strong technical added value with the teaching of software specific to the world of 3D: 3DS-Max, Maya, Unity, Unreal, Substance Painter and Designer, Z-brush, V-Ray, Real Flow, Nuke, marvelous Designer, Houdini, Marmoset, RenderMan, Photoshop…

To complete the technical aspect, it also insists on the design and organization of a fun project by contributing the implementation of the concepts of Game Design, Level Design without forgetting project management and teamwork.

Dedicated mainly to video games and animated cinema, this specific training offers students, passionate about virtual universes, the opportunity to join a course which will give them all the keys to successfully enter the world professional.


Design and produce still and animated 3D images based on specifications.


Be holder of a level IV title or diploma, of a solid general knowledge, demonstrate a regular practice in the artistic disciplines. In addition, entry tests based in particular on the production of a certain number of works are required.


Back to school in September 2024

Terms of access and duration of studies

Teaching methods used

Operational objectives/skills targeted by certification

Assessment method

Individual oral and written, continuous assessment, and evaluation during the project phases.

Certification procedure

The issue of the  » Concepteur 3D animation VFX jeux vidéo «  Niveau 6 (equiv. Bac+3/4) is conditional on validation of all skill blocks.

RNCP title  »[a [3D animation VFX video game designer[/a] » Level 6 (equivalent to Bac+3/4) awarded by Brassart - professional qualification registered with the RNCP by decision of France Compétences on 01/06/2022 (RNCP 36533).

A validated block of skills is acquired over a period of 5 years.

No continuation of the route / No footbridge

Results indicator(s)

12-month pass rate for certification tests: 100%
12-month pass rate for certification (class of 2023): 99%
12-month overall integration rate (all jobs): 80%
12-month integration rate in the profession covered by the certification: 72%.

Brassart-Delcourt Academy school accessibility

You may be wondering about the possibility of following our training courses. Contact us, so that we can inform you and guide you as best as possible:

The advantages of the 3D Animation / Game Art Video Games course (Years 2 to 4)




  • History of Art
  • Culture of animated cinema and video games
  • English for 3D and Video Games Industry


  • Modeling, texture, lighting, rendering
  • Motion design, editing
  • Game engine integration
  • Digital sculpture
  • Virtual reality


  • Animation 3D & rigging
  • 2D Animation
  • Compositing
  • VFX / Digital special effects


  • Academic drawing, perspective and environment
  • Storyboard, animatic, staging
  • Digital paint
  • Sculpture, modeling
  • Scenario
  • Anatomy and life models


  • Masterclasses and conferences on animated film and video game production
  • Projects and workshops (creation of environments, battle chess, virtual reality, pre-calculated diorama and real time)

The second year of the 3D Animation / Game Art Video Games course (Years 2 to 4) allows you to discover all the artistic, technical areas and production management of a project dedicated to fixed or animated images. The year is punctuated by the completion of 3 professional groups or individual projects which prepare the student for the third year.

The third year allows you to consolidate and deepen the general cultural and technical bases studied in the second year. It allows you to mainly approach the creation, texture, rig and animation of characters.
It is punctuated by the realization of 3 more complex projects (animated films and video games) individually or in groups which allow the student to identify precisely the specialization towards which they will move in fourth year.

During the fourth year of their program in 3D Animation / Game Art video games, students follow two specializations among the three offered:

This year is also marked by the completion of a complete pre-production and a trailer for an animated film or a video game.


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