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Graphic Arts Graphic Arts Illustration course
(Years 2 to 4)

Program in Graphic arts (Years 2 to 4)

  • Available in Aix-en-Provence, Annecy, Bordeaux, Caen, Grenoble, Lille, Lyon, Montpellier, Nantes, Paris, Rennes, Strasbourg, Toulouse, Tours
  • Delivered face to face
  • School diploma awarded by a professional jury.

Immersion Days and Discovery Workshops

Young people interested in our training can come and spend a day of immersion or take part in a discovery workshop, unique moments of discovery in contact with the students. This is an opportunity for them to get an idea of their future. They can discuss with the students, their professors and visit the establishment in privileged conditions. The campus prepares a suitable course for them to attend courses corresponding to their training project.

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The Graphic Arts Illustration course

The Graphic Arts and Illustration Curriculum (Years 2 to 4) provides theoretical, practical and artistic education, a good part of which is allocated to the mastery of drawing. It addresses the areas of narration and imagery, and allows you to specialize in concept art, children’s illustration, comics and storyboard…

3 training options offered:

Youth illustration / comics option

Research of its own graphic identity through exercises of illustrations and comics.

End-of-year project: Creation of a comic strip or a children’s book with presentation file for a publishing house.

Option Concept Art & 3D

Search for graphic universes for animated films or video games.

End-of-year project: Creation of a complete Artbook illustrating a scenario: design of characters and sets, posing, objects, animals… This work will allow the student to demonstrate his graphic skills and his artistic style to advertising production companies, video games or animated films.

Option Storyboard & 2D Animation

From a scenario: search for staging, cutting, framing, rhythm, and graphics for the realization of a fixed or animated storyboard.

End-of-year project: Creation of storyboards for an animated film, a series, or a cinematic of video games. This work will allow the student to present a book of his work to advertising, video game or animated film production companies.


Create and produce illustrations, concept art adapted to different formats in using various graphic techniques.


Be holder of a level IV title or diploma, of a solid general knowledge, demonstrate a regular practice in the artistic disciplines. In addition, entry tests based in particular on the production of a certain number of works are required.

Terms of access and duration of studies

Teaching methods used

Assessment modality

Individual oral and written, continuous assessment, and evaluation during the project phases. At the end of the cycle, production, and presentation to a jury of a complete file of graphic research.

Results indicator(s)

Training success rate (class of 2023): 97%


Back to school in September 2024

Brassart-Delcourt Academy school accessibility

You may be wondering about the possibility of following our training courses. Contact us, so that we can inform you and guide you as best as possible:

The + of the Arts Program
Illustration Graphics - Bachelor



  • Artistic and graphic culture
  • History of press cartoons
  • Culture 7th and 8th art
  • Scenario
  • English
  • Graphic news
  • Entrepreneurship


  • Academic drawing
  • Rough
  • Paint
  • Color
  • Digital painting
  • Illustration
  • Environmental design
  • 3D


  • Character drawing
  • Anatomical drawing
  • Volume
  • Character design


  • Comic script
  • Comic Storyboard
  • Packaging
  • Scenography
  • Art book
  • Stop-motion
  • Battle « Press cartoon »


  • Studies of narrative styles
  • Introduction to storytelling
  • Writing a screenplay
  • Creation of its own graphic identity

The teaching of the first year aims to the deepening of drawing techniques, the discovery of various illustrative techniques, an introduction to narration, as well as the acquisition of computer graphics techniques essential to the realization of graphic projects.

The second year deepens graphic techniques and storytelling. Creative workshops allow the student to work on a more personal design. At the end of the year, he will have to choose his option among the three proposals.

The third year of training is very oriented by end-of-study projects (PFE). Each student builds his project according to the chosen option, in order to be able to canvass companies or production companies with a book of works of a high graphic and artistic level.

What opportunities are there after
the Graphic Arts Illustration course ?

The numerous and complementary disciplines make graphic arts a world of specialists who work alone or in teams depending on the projects. We thus find children’s or advertising illustrators, comic book authors and artists, storyboarders or concept artists who create graphic universes.

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