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Graphic and Digital Design Graphic and digital design course
(Year 5)

Graphic Design & Digital (Year 5)

  • Available from now in Caen, Lyon, Nantes, Tours
  • Available soon in Aix-en-Provence, Annecy, Bordeaux, Grenoble, Lille, Montpellier, Paris, Rennes, Strasbourg and Toulouse
  • Work-study training, delivered face-to-face
  • Professional certification “Artistic director in graphic design” registered in the National Directory of Professional Certifications (RNCP), level 7 (Bac+5 equivalent) delivered by the Autograf organization

Come and discover the BRASSART school during our Open Days!

The opportunity to visit our premises, discover how the school works, the graphic design and digital creation professions in which you will be trained, as well as meet our students and our teams!



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Immersion Days and Discovery Workshops

Young people interested in our training can come and spend a day of immersion or take part in a discovery workshop, unique moments of discovery in contact with the students. This is an opportunity for them to get an idea of their future. They can discuss with the students, their professors and visit the establishment in privileged conditions. The campus prepares a suitable course for them to attend courses corresponding to their training project.

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Hold a level VI title or diploma, and/or have validated 240 ECTS credits, have a solid graphic culture, demonstrate regular practice in graphic and artistic disciplines. In addition, a motivational interview and the reasoned presentation of a personal book, composed of complete work in branding, visual communication and digital projects, condition entry into the training system.

Terms of access and duration of studies

Teaching methods used

Operational objectives/skills targeted by certification

Assessment modality

Evaluation during project phases

Certification procedure

The « Art Director in Graphic Design » certification Level 7 (equivalent to Bac+5) is conditional on validation of all skill blocks.

RNCP title  » Art director in graphic design » Level 7 (equivalent to Bac+5) awarded by Autograf - professional certification registered with the RNCP by decision of France Compétences on 09/02/2024 (RNCP 38595).

A validated block of skills is acquired over a period of 5 years.

No continuation of the route / No footbridge

Results indicator(s)

Via a professionalization contract:
Rate of attendance at certification exams: 100%
Rate of success in obtaining certification (class of 2023): 82%
Overall integration rate at 12 months (all jobs): 90%
Integration rate into the profession covered by the certification at 12 months: 90%.

Via an apprenticeship contract:
Pass rate for certification: NC (1st graduating class in 2024)
Pass rate for certification tests: NC (1st graduating class in 2024)
Graduates’ entry rate at 12 months: NC (1st graduating class in 2024)
Continuation of studies: NC (1st graduating class in 2024)
Graduates’ entry rate at 6 months (overall): NC (1st graduating class in 2024)
Graduates’ 6-month professional integration rate (target profession) : NC (1st graduating class in 2024)
Added value of the establishment: NC (1st graduating class in 2024)
Interruption rate during training: NC (1st class to graduate in 2024)
Termination rate of apprenticeship contracts concluded: NC (1st graduating class in 2024)

+ Other indicators can be found at:


Back to school in September 2024

Brassart-Delcourt Academy school accessibility

You may be wondering about the possibility of following our training courses. Contact us, so that we can inform you and guide you as best as possible:



  • Marketing & Communication
  • Sociology
  • Entrepreneurship
  • English


  • History of art & Graphic culture
  • Plastic arts
  • Semiology
  • Ideation & Creativity
  • Design - Writing
  • Artistic direction


  • Graphic design
  • Motion design
  • 3D design
  • UX Design
  • Connected objects
  • Data visualization
  • Interface design


  • Project management and management
  • Speaking techniques
  • Personal branding
  • Real cases and Teamwork: serving a real client, students will have to design complete communication solutions, motion design projects or innovative digital projects
  • Expertise Weeks: led by professionals from recognized creative agencies or studios

3 specializations to choose from in 5th year,
to be completed alternately


  • To form a solid base of skills in artistic direction and brand strategy.
  • Brand project: individual rebranding project, real case of development of complete communication solutions


  • To be able to design and produce animated content that actively contributes to the brand identity.
  • Motion project: individual project for the production of motion design films around an existing plastics brand


  • To become an expert in digital innovation design and be able to work on projects with high added value.
  • [Start-up project: individual project to design a digital product or service.

Professional experience

  • 5th year: sandwich course (3 to 4 weeks at a company, 1 week at school)

The choice of alternation

During the artistic direction training, the 5th year work-study program (12 months) takes place in a communications agency, a graphic studio or with an advertiser. Each month, the work-study student spends 3 to 4 weeks in the company and 1 week at school. This formula allows the immediate application of theoretical concepts in the professional world.

Responsibilities and experiences

By forging theoretical and applied skills, students gain access to positions of responsibilitý with greater legitimacý. The aim is to obtain a first permanent, qualified job within a host company.

Remuneration and conditions

The training is paid for by the company (via its OPCA) and takes the form of a professionalization contract or an apprenticeship contract. The student becomes a salaried employee of the company, and is paid 80% of the minimum wage (variable according to age bracket or collective agreements in force).

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